Welcome to the Summer Social Series!

Pride Cup Liaison Manager Kara Montoneri explains why we decided to run the Summer Social Series and why it’s a super important campaign to take part in!

Harnessing the power of sport

Made by the AFLW in 2019, this moving doco spends time with the Yarra Glenn Football Club where it all started, and shows the impact Pride Cup can have in regional areas – rippling out from the sporting club to the wider community.

The history of Pride Cup

Pride Cup co-founder Jason Ball takes us through the history of Pride Cup – beginning as a powerful gesture of mateship at his footy club and growing into a national movement for change that unites communities.

AFL Pride Game: Pride On Show

Watch the inspirational story behind the AFL Pride Game, the influence Pride Cup had on the Saints championing diversity and inclusion in the AFL, and the ongoing impacts that both the Pride Game and Pride Cup are continuing to have on communities across Australia.

Why does LGBTI+ inclusion in sport matter?

Pride Cup CEO James Lolicato shares his personal story about being included in sport as an LGBTI+ person, walks us through some of the stats about LGBTI+ participation in sport, and how you can be a good ally and make your sporting environment safe, inclusive and welcoming to LGBTI+ people.

Pride Cup 101

In November 2021 we hosted a Pride Cup 101 session with Tennis Australia – an in-depth education session on making your sporting environment more inclusive for LGBTI+ people with some really cool case studies and guest speakers!

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