Free webinar on mental wellbeing and support for young people!

08 May, 2020|2 min read
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Free webinar on mental wellbeing and support for young people!


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Mental wellbeing is an important topic on everyone’s mind right now. Depression, anxiety and other mental health challenges and emotional distress have been the focus of many conversations, especially amid social isolation during COVID-19.


How do you navigate through such a sensitive topic? How can you help your players, club members or even yourself?


VicHealth in partnership with Sports Community are thrilled to offer you a free webinar, brought to you by Lance Picioane, CEO of Love Me Love You.


Former first round draft pick and AFL footballer, Lane Picioane established Love Me Love You in 2013 to help young adults take control of their mental wellbeing. As a teenager and through his AFL career, Lance experienced depression and anxiety. Love Me Love You programs are based on Lance’s experiences, and educating the community on staying mentally well.


THE JOURNEY (45 minutes + discussion/question time):


This powerful and engaging presentation utilises the lived experiences of Love Me Love You CEO Lance Picioane. It helps to build awareness of mental health challenges, through exploring Lance’s journey. The aim is to raise awareness, reduce stigma and provide participants with simple coping mechanisms that can help on a day to day basis including, support networks, mindfulness and wellbeing conversations.


The webinar will be aired at four different times, to focus on different leadership roles in sport and how you can make a difference at your sports club. Whether you are a president, committee member, coach or team leader, there’s a webinar for you.


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