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Please note that due to Covid-19, Pride Cup has put in place new guidelines for clubs/associations who wish to run events.

The below handbook will provide you with everything you’ll need to organise a successful event.

The Pride Cup Handbook is a guiding document to help any sporting club, in any code and at any level to host their own Pride Cup.

Your Pride Cup

To receive resources from the Pride Cup team and pull off a great event, creating a lasting impact in your community.

Register your event with Pride Cup so that we can help promote your event on our website and through our social media channels as well as provide you with education, support and guidance.


To ensure we can properly support your club and give it the greatest chance of success, please make sure that you are registering your event with at least THREE MONTHS notice.

Book an Education Session

For players, coaches and officials on how to make your club more inclusive.

The power of Pride Cup comes through its education programs, which have the ability to breakdown barriers smash stereotypes and change hearts and minds.

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