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21 Jun, 2021|2 min read
Author:Pride Cup
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Pride Cup 101 is an ONLINE live stream event, created for ANY SPORTS at ANY LEVEL in ANY STATE.

Proudly hosted by Pride Cup, Hockey Victoria and Camberwell Hockey club, will give you the chance to hear directly from people who have staged their own Pride Cup, offering valuable ideas, lessons and advice to inspire anyone who wants to bring a message of acceptance and inclusion to their community in 2021.

Pride Cup 101 Features an educational component for all sporting clubs to help understand and promote LGBTI+ inclusion as well as presentations from:

– Past Pride Cup hosts from a variety of sports to share their experience of running Pride Activations and how that made a difference in their sport

– Hockey Victoria & Camberwell Hockey Club talk on the relationship between sports and LGBTI+ inclusion and how we can make impactful change

– Special guest speakers from around Australia speaking on the wider benefits of hosting your own Pride Cup

– A panel discussion about the Do’s and Do Not’s of hosting your own Pride Cup or Pride Activation and Question and answer segment for any of your burning questions with our previous hosts and Pride Cup staff.

This event is especially important for those who are wanting to host a Pride Cup, Pride round or Pride activation in 2021 and beyond!

More information about why this event is important:

Research tells us that 80% of LGBTI+ Australians still don’t feel secure in being open about their sexuality within a sporting club context and 75% of LGBTI+ Australians don’t even feel safe enough to attend a sporting game due to the fear of harm or ridicule.

This lack of involvement in sport and physical activity has a huge impact on the mental health and wellbeing of LGBTI+ Australians, who aren’t afforded the same benefits of sport that their heterosexual peers are, causing even more harm to LGBTI+ communities who are already at the highest societal risk of depression, anxiety and suicidal ideations.

Pride Cup has a tested and evaluated model that is proven to substantially shift discriminatory attitudes and language in not just sporting clubs, but throughout communities – reaching rural and regional areas in Australia seldom reached by any other programmes.

The Pride Cup movement is now bigger than ever and has really hit the national stage, with celebration events being staged in association with over 215 clubs from across Australia in 11 sports!

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