Pride Cup 2021/22 Impact Report

11 Oct, 2022|2 min read

Pride Cup impact report

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What started as a rainbow 50 metre line on a country footy ground in Victoria has grown into a national movement that transcends sport. Pride Cup has become a powerful symbol of hope and acceptance, making a lasting impact far beyond football ovals and netball courts.

Pride Cup’s message of equity for all has been brought to life in a way that encourages communities to grow together and continues to inspire well beyond the final whistle or siren of a Pride Cup itself.

We saw our message in the stunning rainbow wings mural painted by a local artist on the side of the post office in the main street of Yarra Glen.

We saw it in the stories of LGBTI+ people who had grown up feeling isolated in their hometown of Hamilton, Western Victoria, only to return to visit and be greeted with rainbow messages in every shop window.

And we saw it in the Queensland AFL, when 15 clubs celebrated LGBTI+ inclusion and diversity throughout one of the largest grounds in Queensland. 

Sporting clubs are the heart of local communities and when they show leadership it has a powerful ripple effect. Pride Cups have harnessed the media spotlight, creating unprecedented visibility for LGBTI+ people and our allies on the front page of regional papers.

More towns across Australia are eager to bring the rainbow to their club and we’re ready to help them. We founded Pride Cup Australia to offer resources and education to empower those communities.

We have now taken the lessons, insights, and personal stories from over 500 Pride Cups around the country to help elevate this movement to a permanent place in the national sporting landscape.

Our vision is a world where LGBTI+ people feel included and welcome, and we believe we have the power to get us there.

Thank you for joining us on this journey,


Holly Ransom, Pride Cup Chair
On behalf of the Pride Cup board.

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